Mobile Website Optimization

People are using mobile devices to surf the internet now more than ever and it is no surprise that all the top websites have mobile versions of their websites. Mobile optimized websites are miniature versions of the larger more data consuming pages, which are much better visible on larger monitors. If you have ever used Google on a mobile device, then you would know that in the list of search results, mobile websites are ranked higher than websites that are not mobile optimized. This is bad news for you if you have a business website and do not have a corresponding mobile version.

A potential customer of yours who searched, using a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet, for a product you are selling, clicked on a link of your competitor for the simple reason that your website did not have a mobile version. Had that user used a computer or a laptop to look for that product, it might have meant a sale for you, but in this case a lack of a mobile website resulted in a loss for you.

The number of mobile internet users have been increasing quite rapidly over the past few years and they are expected to continue increasing at the same rate if not faster in the foreseeable future. So every day that goes by without a mobile site counts as another loss for you.

The development of a mobile site is not the same thing as that of a full-fledged regular site. There are quite a few things that the developer of the mobile site has to take into account. For example, a regular website looks the same way on nearly all computer monitors, but a mobile site may be browsed on a Nokia, an iPhone or on an HTC with different screen sizes. So you would want your mobile page to be optimized so that it appears neither too big nor too small on any of the mobile devices.