Graphic Design

There is a saying which goes something like “a picture is worth a thousand words”. In the field of graphic design, these are not just words. The ultimate goal in the creation of a graphic is to convey as many words as possible through that image. Suppose you have something that you want to sell. There are many ways by which you can get the word about your product out to the people. You could tell a few people to start off with and then count on them to spread the word, or you could broadcast your message on a radio station. But graphic design is one of the more effective methods of advertising. Images tend to leave a lasting impression in people’s minds and they will be more likely to recall your product long after looking at your graphic, depending on how convincing it is.

If you take a moment to think about it, you will realize that the field of graphic design is all around you. Whether it is the billboards that you look at while driving every day to and from work, or the t-shirt that you are wearing, someone actually designed those graphics for the sole purpose of catching people’s attention.

There are many aspects in graphic design that determine how long people will look at it and to what extent it will convince them to buy the product if it is an advertisement. For example, people are more likely to notice large letters in groovy typefaces and letterforms than small and simple Times New Roman.

Sometimes, a graphic featuring just an image with no words can send a stronger message than one with a line of text underneath. For this to work, visual puns are used. For instance, you have started a new spicy dish at your restaurant and you want people to know about it. Instead of writing down words like “hot” or “spicy”, you could add a graphic showing a chili pepper. People know that a chili pepper is hot and those who like spicy food will be automatically drawn to it.